Elenium Automation will design a self-check security portal for Micro-X

2021-11-12 08:10:36 By : Mr. cheng sun

In order to complete the contract with the US government's Department of Homeland Security, Micro-X selected Elenium, an Australian self-service system provider, to design and test a self-checking security portal.

In September 2021, Micro-X signed two contracts with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to design and manufacture a miniature X-ray baggage scanner, and then integrate it into the self-check security portal for airport passengers.

Using biometrics and contactless technology, Elenium’s design enables passengers to walk into the terminal, lay down their luggage, undergo screening for disease symptoms, and then proceed to the lounge or boarding gate without touching the boarding pass or luggage tag Or the screen. Elenium's new miniature CT baggage scanner prototype can detect hidden threats hidden in the passenger's carry-on baggage. The voice-activated booth eliminates the traditional multi-step screening process. When passengers go through an intuitive self-service workflow, it also aids in the security check process, similar to automatic passport control gates or grocery store checkouts. A single portal is approximately one twentieth of the total footprint of a traditional sequential channel, so that many different deployments can be deployed to the checkpoint to make the best use of the area. Once the security portal trial begins, Elenium's HealthGate technology (a scanning system that detects potential symptoms of infectious diseases) can be integrated with Micro-X's security screening technology.

Brian Gonzales, Chief Scientist and General Manager of Micro-X U.S. Business Unit, said: “Every passenger has an airport security horror story to tell. What’s exciting is that this innovative international team is now Able to improve future air travel for everyone. Elenium's expertise in developing aviation automation tools for all areas of passenger handling (from health checks to check-in, baggage check and boarding) played a key role in ensuring DHS trials . We look forward to seeing the technology deployed and working together to create a better customer experience."

Aaron Hornlimann, CEO and co-founder of Elenium Automation, said: "The aviation industry now has a unique opportunity to modernize its infrastructure, make the passenger experience seamless, safe, and enjoyable, and regain confidence in the traveling public affected by the global pandemic. We are very happy to work with Micro-X to implement efficient, contactless and confidence-building automation tools for airports."

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