US Army Orders More Night Vision Goggles From L3Harris

2023-03-22 21:01:30 By : Ms. Rita Wang

The US Army has ordered additional Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binoculars (ENVG-Bs) from L3Harris.

The company recently supplied the Army’s Security Force Assistance Brigade with nearly 600 ENVG-Bs, completing the service’s initial 10,000 unit order. Night Vision

US Army Orders More Night Vision Goggles From L3Harris

“In 2018, the US Army selected L3Harris to develop and deliver a next-generation night vision goggle capability that would help protect and improve soldiers’ situational awareness and mobility,” President Lynn Bollengier said.

“Less than four years later, we have delivered 10,000 ENVG-Bs, a number that continues to climb as customer demand builds for this game-changing technology that enables soldiers to command the night.”

The helmet-mounted dual-waveband goggle features a binocular image intensifier channel that allows for enhanced situational awareness, mobility, lethality, and protection.

L3Harris’ night vision system is also equipped with a larger thermal Field-Of-View and increased thermal range that enable improved targeting and identification in all battlefield conditions, including degraded visual environments such as smoke, fog, and debris.

“The ENVG-B incorporates rapid target acquisition capabilities to the goggle, enabling soldiers to see around corners and behind cover without risk of exposure while targeting,” L3Harris said.

“This gives soldiers the ability to identify, assess, and engage a target with greater accuracy and speed, both of which are exponentially important to protecting the Army’s most powerful assessment — its soldiers.”

When connected with L3Harris-made Falcon IV tactical radios , the ENVG-B is capable of additional real-time battlespace intelligence for close-combat soldiers.

The radios’ intra-soldier wireless network helps provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance video directly to the goggle for quick target identification and immersive battlespace perspective.

US Army Orders More Night Vision Goggles From L3Harris

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