Parcel Post Expo: Keyence launches a handheld computer capable of scanning 100 codes at the same time-Parcel and Postal Technology International

2021-11-12 08:04:23 By : Mr. Mario Van

Japanese sensor manufacturer Keyence made its debut at the Parcel Post Expo in 2021, demonstrating its latest developments in barcode reading technology, from dynamic handheld computers to plug-and-play readers for sorting systems.

The SR-5000 series of logistics barcode readers recently launched in Europe have the advantages of wide field of view, long depth of field and high-speed readers, which can register barcodes for fast-moving parcels in a logistics environment. The device's field of view makes it possible to read codes fixed on the top and sides of packages of different sizes and positions, which usually requires multiple sensor units.

Keyence International Marketing Manager Nick Murakami said: "The depth of field of the machine means that it can read data in milliseconds regardless of distance or angle, which is unmatched by any other scanner. This is also a turnkey solution. The device can be easily integrated with existing systems."

In addition to the mature BT-A700 handheld computer for large-scale reading, Keyence also demonstrated its new BT-A500 handheld scanner to increase operating speed. Thanks to its batch processing function, the device can scan up to 100 codes at the same time. The slim design and lightweight structure make it easy to operate with one hand, and its software allows it to read text and barcodes that have been damaged or obscured by the packaging.

Regional Sales Manager Franz Tippelt said: “Our reading speed is very fast. We can read up to 100 codes with just a pull of the trigger. Imagine a room full of boxes. You can walk in and Capture all the code at once, saving time and cost. It doesn’t matter whether the tag is damaged or obscured, the reader is still smart enough to capture the data."

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